George Russell Professional Inspections

What’s Included

Here’s What’s Included in Your Home Inspection All of our standard home inspections include the following items as per The Texas Real Estate Commission’s Standards of Practice; (a) Foundations. (b) Interior walls, doors, ceilings and floors. (c) Exterior walls and doors, windows and door glazing. (d) Fireplace and chimney. (e) Roof, roof structure and attic. (f) Porches and decks. (g) Dishwasher. (h) Food waste disposer. (i) Range exhaust vent. (j) Electric or gas ranges. (k) Electric or gas ovens. (l) Microwave oven. (m) Trash compactor. (n) Bathrooms exhaust vents and electric heaters. (o) Whole house vacuum system. (p) Water heaters. (q) Doorbell and chimes. (r) Attic power vents. (s) Garage door operator. (t) Hydrotherapy or whirlpool equipment. (u) Cooling systems. (v) Evaporative coolers. (w) Heating systems. (x) Ducts, vents (including dryer vents) and flues. (y) Plumbing systems. (z) Electrical service entrance and panels. (aa)Branch circuits, connected devices and fixtures. This is an extensive list but still does not cover the full scope of your home inspection.